Summary in English

An english summary about me and my themes in the 2017 municipal election.

If you are a foreigner living in Finland, you may have a right to vote in the election. You can check the requirements from this page of the Ministry of Justice. If you’re eligible to vote, all you need is an ID, a drivers license or passport, for example. Here is Population Register Centres voting site service. Just put your city and street address in the boxes and it will show you where to vote.

About me

I’m Teemu Hokkanen, I live in Espoo, Leppävaara district. I’m married with two kids. I’m a former senior detective constable turned system specialist and an engineer in the field of computing and networking. My current job is in the Finnish security and intelligence service. I’m also running for the city council in Espoo from the Green Leagues list.

My hobbies, especially before I started to study engineering along with my full time job, included martial arts, orienteering, reading and computer games. I also hunt birds and game.

I served the compulsory military service in airborne rangers and have the rank of a sergeant.

My themes in upcoming elections

Security, Health and Equality:

My perspective when considering security, and safety, comes a lot from my professional background. But what I see as the most important thing in increasing the safety of our streets is prevention. And best kind of prevention comes from making sure that young people, especially young men, have things to do. They need jobs, and if that can’t be achieved, they have to have decent things to occupy their time with.

Hobbies, be they sports, crafting, non-profit work or what ever picks your interests, promotes health and keeps people active in positive ways. Even if you work non-profit, it profits the society around you, and you.

Other way to promote safety and security is street and neighborhood planning. Parks don’t need to be over crown hedges that are, especially by night time, gloomy and frightening. Public places can be designed so that it promotes it’s use and then brings about automatic social control. Street crossings should not be death-traps to bikes (or anyone else for that matter!).

Equality means the equality the Green League promotes. I want Espoo to promote only activities that follow the guidelines of the Youth Law (Nuorisolaki). Youth Law promotes tolerance and well being, among other things, when taking care of our kids and young adults in our society and in our hobbies. I think that is a good general principle in all life.


This was by no means an exhaustive list of my views and themes about city politics in Espoo or politics in general, just the main ones. Please feel free to contact me. I will reply.

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